Have you got product reviews on your site?

Have you got product reviews on your site?

Customer Reviews are key to a successful online store

If you are online retailer one of the most efficient forms of building sales and increasing new customer acquisition is to add product reviews on your store. Shopify makes the Do you have Product reviews on your site?addition of reviews by past customers easy through a range of available apps.  Product reviews from past customers carry significant weight and allow your ecommerce store to build trust with current customers. The more reviews your store can show online, the greater your online reputation.

The greater your online reputation, the more likely new visitors will purchase.

In the United States, Millennials value peer opinions, thought leadership and product reviews as top decision-making content. 
When a purchase is made on your store a second email is triggered to the user, several days after the order is delivered which requests the customer to make a review. In seconds, the user can fill in a simple form and deliver a review which builds your reputation. Chances are this review will result in another sale.
For you as a store owner, knowing a review will be delivered forces you to deliver exactly what the customer ordered. For the customer, they are given the opportunity to provide feedback.

Amazon has been using reviews since 1997.

eBay built their entire business on reviews for every purchase which built up reputation for each seller which in turn encouraged sales for the highest rated sellers. 

We have added reviews systems to 2 stores in the past year. Amazon has been using reviews since 1997.
Farmodels.com and watersenseireland.com. In a very short space of time you can build up long list of reviews and very quickly build your online reputation.

Product reviews will also help and assist with SEO. In the case of Google, Google will index your reviews and use it to rank your site in search results. 

If you are running an online store, consider adding these applications provided Shopify which enable you to add a reviews tab to your site in seconds.