Services delivered

Migrated to Shopify
Automated email setup
Theme customisation
Product management

Save precious time by multi-tasking.

Like their products, human+kind wanted an online store that was simple, superior and dependable. They had ambitions to sell globally in the European and US marketplace.

We knew migrating them from Wordpress to Shopify would offer them the opportunity to expand their business internationally, without it being complicated. 

theme customisation

We customised the design of their store to fit the look and feel of their brand. 

Selling internationally

Migrating to Shopify enabled human+kind to expand and internationalise with an EU and US site. With a multi-currency convertor and smooth checkout, international sales are easy.


Reach the right people at the right time.

human+kind wanted their communications to be pertinent and nurturing for their customers, just like their products.

We set them up on a new email marketing platform, which would take full advantage and send relevant automated emails on their behalf. Allowing them concentrate on the rest of their growing business.

Shopify apps used