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Episode #69:  E-commerce accounting automation by Synder
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Episode #69 E-commerce accounting automation by Synder

Polly Sidoruk is a customer Head of Customer Success and Product with Synder. This cloud based accounting system automates simple back office processes for busy store owners allowing them to focus ...
Episode 22 Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast with Maris Veide from Matrixify (Excelify) a Shopify app
App Shopify Ecommerce Podcast

Episode #22 Excel your Shopify store with Matrixify

Meet Maris Veide, Founder of Matrixify, an app available on Shopify. Where time is money, Maris has managed to save hours of manual work with enabling you to bulk import and export data using Matr...
Episode 1 Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast with Donagh Quigley from the Handmade Soap Company who sell on the Shopify platform
ecommerce Shopify Ecommerce Podcast

Podcast #6 From farmers' markets to the global market

We chat with Donagh Quigley, founder of The Handmade Soap Company. Donagh shares some great start up tales. A small business that grew from the kitchen table to selling globally on the Shopify plat...
Episode 5 Milk Bottle Shopify Podcast with Adii Pienaar from Conversio email marketing platform
App Shopify Ecommerce Podcast

Podcast #5 Email marketing by Conversio

We chat to Adii Pienaar founder of Conversio; a single solution for ecommerce store owners marketing needs. Adii talks about moving to the Shopify system and the value of the UX design to both Shop...