Episode #43: Make confident pricing decisions to sell more

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What's in episode 43?

Keith catches up with Brecker Brees, Co-founder of Pricestack. Pricestack is a Shopify app that analysis customer behavioural data. It then uses it to make adjustments to Shopify merchants pricing strategy, in order to earn more revenue, increase profit, and lifetime value.

Episode Notes

  • Intro
  • Las Vegas,  it's a great place to live! Although bizarre in a pandemic with zero tourists.
  • What is Pricestack?
  • How being a trained Economist sparked the fire to create Pricestack
  • How to get things moving by not limiting pricing
  • Some of the interesting things a merchant can do with pricing to help demands in certain scenarios i.e. supply chain issues
  • Ecommerce stores ecosystem
  • The attributes that influence success
  • Case study: Walkee Paws
  • Adapting and catering to individual store owner requirements
  • Pricestack's new user interface and new tools that we just launched to make our platform even more powerful.
  • Optimised tool for Facebook marketing

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