Episode #48: Fix your analytics with Littledata


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What's in Episode 48?

Edward Upton Founder of Littledata, chats about helping ecommerce brands get smarter insights into their customer journey and marketing campaigns.  Using apps like Littledata, Shopify merchants can supercharge and solve analytics issues in order to grow faster and smarter.  

Episode notes

  • What is Littledata?
  • Building smart connectors for ecommerce growth
  • Remote working and the future
  • Google Analytics app, the benefits of adding it to a Shopify store
  • Understanding the series of events that led up to an order
  • On average there are 15 touchpoints before a customer makes a purchase
  • Exporting data
  • Understanding lifetime value
  • The  impact of cookie blocking
  • Segment app for Shopify

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