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You Need To Know: Shopify Is Partnering With BuzzFeed (3 minute read)

Shopify is partnering with BuzzFeed so that it’s easy for you to showcase your products with Buzzfeed’s editors.

Why should you care about that, you might ask!

Well, with an audience of over 200 million readers, BuzzFeed is the King of online publishing! Their content frequently goes viral, they are highly innovative and their unique skill of creating easily shareable lists means BuzzFeed rules the market.

Shopify has chosen to partner with BuzzFeed because the partnership could help you execute a more effective marketing campaign, getting your products in ‘front’ of BuzzFeed’s editors, helping you promote on a large scale, and increasing your audience base.

The new BuzzFeed channel will make it easy for you to tag your products for BuzzFeed editors to search, find and consider featuring in its campaigns, product lists and onsite content.

So how does the integration work?

The integration of Shopify with Buzzfeed is simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Install the BuzzFeed channel on your Shopify account;
  2. Select the products you’d like BuzzFeed’s editors to discover; and
  3. Set your commission rate.

Once you’ve completed these steps the BuzzFeed writer can choose to feature your product and embed your link to their original content. The link drives customers directly to your online store. The sales traffic, which is generated by a tracking mechanism provided by BuzzFeed, is collected from your shop.

BuzzFeed manages the financials by organizing a monthly payout of commissions after you’ve received the customer’s payment. The only requirement from your side is coordinating the fulfillment of orders.

So What Are The Key Benefits?

The key benefits are that:

  1. You’re opening up your product offering to a potential audience of 200 million+;
  2. There is no hidden commission; &
  3. The customer doesn’t interact with BuzzFeed, so all the commission comes to you and helps you earn more profit.

How Do You Get Started?

It’s very simple!

To get started, all you have to do is log into Shopify and click the plus (+) icon next to sales channels and select BuzzFeed. Next, choose the products that you want to be discovered by the editors of Buzzfeed (choose products that will catch the attention of the editors), and then set your commission rate.

Once the commission rate has been set, the work of the editors and writers of Buzzfeed begins. If they choose to feature your product, they create a unique link that connects directly to your online store.

The basic requirement to sell on BuzzFeed with Shopify, apart from having an online store channel, is that you have a minimum Shopify $29/month plan or higher.

Once you have entered the platform, the BuzzFeed support team will be there at your service 24/7 to help you with any questions that you might have.

If you need more info, visit the Shopify App Store  for more details.