Rejoice! Shopify has released the App Store 2.0

Rejoice! Shopify has released the App Store 2.0

If you've been using Shopify to build your eCommerce business, you'll agree when we say the App store needed an upgrade. 

Shopify has just announced a welcome refresh to the store and is possibly the important update of the year for all those in the Shopify ecosystem.

The new store it includes better categorisation for the apps making it easier for merchants to search for and find the right apps to reach the exact needs as store owners. 

Shopify has added additional categories in the app store there's also enhanced search facility in recommendations engine to give you personalized recommendations based on the store that you're logged in through. Pretty slick. 

And of course there's now an updated app listing page for each app which shows all the key info information that will help you decide as a shop for the user a more apt place in your store.

Well done. A welcome update. 

Check out the new store here.