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5 Reasons to Consider Shopify in 2019

The new year is always a great time to consider migrating to Shopify or starting your new ecommerce business. In 2018 Shopify underwent some really important updates and improvements. It's now more accessible than ever before. Here we share 5 simple practical reasons why you should seriously consider Shopify as your next platform.

  1. Price
    Shopify is great value and has no contracts. The monthly subscription fee starts at $29 per month. Features are added at the $79 plan and a $299 plan exists for more successful stores. For high performing stores, Shopify Plus is also an option. Shopify has a plan to cover start-up stores right through to high performing mature commerce businesses.
    Shopify pricing is here

  2. The Shopify Dashboard
    Shopify is renowned for it's easy to navigate dashboard. At a glance, users can view their conversion rates, daily sales, average order value and host of other important KPI's. If a data set is needed to add value to your business, it's in the dashboard. For Shopify users, this is standard fare but when we migrate a merchant to Shopify they are all equally impressed.
    Dashboard features are here

  3. Theme Store
    The look and feel of your store is defined by its 'theme'. Your theme can be edited and styled by the site owner but the initial look and feel is chosen from the Shopify theme store. It includes FREE themes as well as premium themes up to $180. It’s part of the reason many users are attracted to Shopify.
    Check out the theme store here

  4. Customer Support
    Once you launch your store, or more importantly, as you launch your store, you'll need support. And Shopifys support is 24/7 and FREE. Yes, no matter what time of the day, anywhere in the world, you can receive support from Shopify.

  5. Shopify Apps Store
    Just like your iPhone, Shopify has a wonderful app store which can easily add value to your commerce business. Need to connect your store to Facebook? Or add a Google Shopping feed? Or perhaps you’d like an advanced search tool? There’s an app for that. Many apps are free, many are paid. Some require coding to add while others can be installed plug and play - with no coding. With over 2,400 apps, chances are there’s an app to solve your problem.
    Check out the Shopify Apps store here

Best of luck with your ecommerce plans in 2019.