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Time to Audit Your Shopify Apps in Your Store

Now that it's January, as a Shopify store owner it's a nice time to reflect on the successes and failures of the busy Christmas period. It's also a perfect time to review all of the applications in your store.

One of the advantages of having a Shopify store is the access to thousands of applications which are easy to install, cheap to purchase and very often free with for unlimited use.

However, there is a disadvantage to having access to such a vast range of applications. Many stores that we see install applications which are costly and very often unused.  This can lead to excess costs. Busy Shopify store owners often install applications, use them once and never return to them.

So in January we always advise store owners to do an app audit - a simple review of all of the apps in their store. Apps often install excess code which may slow down the store and don't add any commercial value to the store. These need to be removed.

One common theme we seeing is the use of multiple applications with the same function.  Very often Shopify merchants pay multiple times for services that could actually be delivered on one single app purchase. So for 2020 you should consider auditing the apps in your store at least 4 or 5 times a year.

Of course if you're in your store every day or you have an e-commerce manager managing your store, it should be included as a daily task and part of Shopify store management.

We advise store owners to focus on apps that will improve customer experience, help sales, boost social proof and protect your store.

Customer experience

Make the purchase journey as easy as possible. For 2020, add a search facility which will bring your customer to the chosen product as quickly as possible.

We recommend Searchanise

Social Proof

An example of an application that adds social proof to your store could be a simple app which adds reviews to your store.

We recommend

Boost sales

There are multiple apps that help sell more on Shopify. Examples of applications boost sales could be an upsell application which presents a more valuable offer to the customer if they add an additional item to the cart or an application which helps customers search for products in your store quick search for sold leased or shown to instantly improve store sales.

We recommend the suits of sales apps from Bold Commmerce


Your Shopify account is core to the business if you have multiple users logging into your store for 2020 make sure you protect your store and your data.

We recommend