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Shopify App of the month: - Backups for Shopify

Each month we discuss a Shopify application which we use and love. This month, meet Rewindan automatic backup service Shopify store owners.
Mike Potter from Rewind recently presented at our May Shopify Dublin Meetup and the reaction to Mikes story was very positive.

What is Rewind?
Rewind is a Shopify App which backups your Shopify store automatically. So your data is always safe. 

Why do I need a backup App?
Shopify does hold data but many elements of your store are not backed up such as collections, blog posts and navigation. For any online business, your data is your business! If you lose data, you have effectively lost your business.

How could I lose my Shopify Data?
There are many ways to lose data on Shopify. Sometimes CSV imports create problems, especially with large files.  Adding multiple apps to stores can sometimes conflict with each other and result in data loss. If you have multiple users in a store and one deletes a collection by accident, data can be lost.

Most of the time data losses will be as a result of human error. If your store is busy with multiple staff or developers logging in daily, the risk is increased.

How much does it cost

  1. FREE plan - For stores with less than 100 orders/month. Free for up to 2,000 items*. 

  2. Premium - $15 / month for stores with up to 500 orders / month

  3. Pro - $39 / month for stores with up to 1,000 orders

  4. Plus - $99 / month for stores with up to 2,000 orders / month. Access 180 days of backups. Can backup up to 3 different stores.

  5. Enterprise - Contact the developer here

We recommend every store owner to load this app on their store - we launch Rewind by default onto every client store we build. 

Download for free here.

Keith Matthews