5 Reasons to migrate from Magento to Shopify

5 Reasons to migrate from Magento to Shopify

After November 2018, Magento will no longer support Magento 1.0 forcing users to upgrade to Magento 2.0.  As the forced migration date for Magento approaches, here are our Top 5 reasons to consider Shopify:
  1. Costs
    For Enterprise users, Shopify Plus fees start at $2k per month. Included in that fee are full account management services, % transaction fees, no hosting, unlimited bandwidth and the SSL cert managed by Shopify.
    Magento enterprise users can pay up to +$70k per year plus the added stress and cost of security, hosting and upgrade costs. Upgrade costs are major as it's effectively a new store build.
    Moving to Shopify could potentially save in the long term. The re-platform to Shopify may be cheaper that re-building a store on Magento 2.0.

  2. Security
    Shopify is 100% secure. Unlike with hosted platforms, no SSL certificate purchase is required. Shopify includes the SSL certificate with your monthly subscription. Magento is based on open source software which places the security responsibility with the store owner and thus increases the risk. So Shopify users need not worry about site security.

  3. Version Control
    One of the most common points of confusion amongst Magento users is 'which version of Shopify should I migrate to?'. For Shopify users, the version of the software is always the same. Shopify is updating the platform in the background. The only decision needed is around Shopify's price plans which users can switch between once live.

  4. Migration is easy
    Another common misconception in the marketplace is around the time needed to migrate to Shopify. We've sat in meetings with clients and been told a migration will take 6 months. Of course, migrations take time but we are seeing an average of 8 - 16 weeks to complete full migrations. On a monthly basis, we migrate to Shopify from all platforms and none have ever taken over the 16 weeks threshold. Any delays are generally due to delays on the customer end.
    In some cases, if we see that Shopify is not a good fit for the client, we'll advise the client to upgrade and not migrate.

  5. Shopify is easy
    With Shopify, users always refer to the wonderful UX and the ease of use of the platform. Regardless if you are selling $2k per month or $200,000 per month, your admin dashboard will be identical. All store owners have access to the same tools, same Shopify mobile app and daily user experience.

Shopify doesn't always suit. Each business has different challenges and goals. But it's certainly worth considering before investing a second time in Magento.