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.IE Domain Liberalisation is live

The .ie registration process goes through a major change on March 21st. Following a consultation process in September 2017, it has been decided to remove the 'claim to the name clause'. Under this clause, businesses had to prove they had a connection to the name in order to register it.

Up to now, new applicants were required to show their connection to the island of Ireland along with proof of identity and sound reasoning why they should have the domain. This is in stark contrast to many top-level domains which require no connection to secure registration.

The changes will make it easier for Irish businesses to register a domain name and as a result, may result in disputes. As a result, the IEDR have drafted a .IE Dispute Resolution Policy.

This will make registering easier. However, if you don't have your domain name registered it may be an idea to register soon as it may be unavailable once the restrictions are removed. If you're associated with a major brand or trademark, you'll need to act fast.

Full details are on the IEDR portal here.

Keith Matthews