Black Friday Sale lettering on lightbox with alarm clock beside it. White background.

Get your store discount ready for BFCM

What started out as a US Thanksgiving weekend sales promotion has spread worldwide and created a commerce frenzy everywhere, including here in Ireland.  One of the biggest drivers of this sales extravaganza are discounts.

Everyone know that online shoppers love discounts.  They help bring customers to your store, encourage those buyers to spend more and creates a wider viral effect from them telling their friends and family about what a great deal they got at your store.  Discounts accelerate online businesses like no other feature.

But they can be troublesome.  Some stores use complicated discount codes that have to be cut and pasted as they are way too long/complex to type into the checkout field.  Others bury their codes so they are nearly impossible for the shopper to discover.  Often shoppers see the discount code field at checkout and abandon their shopping cart in order to find a code online that they can use. Quite often customers complete a purchase and forget to apply the discount code. All the goodwill that was being generated by offering the discount dissipates immediately as the customer has to contact your customer support to manually apply the discount or simply doesn’t bother to return again.  

There has to be a better way…….. and thanks to the product team at Shopify there is!

Introducing Shareable Discount Links

Shareable Discount Links direct customers to your homepage and automatically apply a discount code to their cart.  

You can use a shareable link to promote a discount on social media, in emails, and on landing pages. The default shareable link directs customers to your store's home page. The discount code associated with the link applies automatically to your customer's next checkout cart, or to any active carts they have open.

If you want the shareable link to bring the store visitor to a specific page, product or collection that’s no problem either - the shareable discount link can be configured to redirect to any page on your store.

Give your store the best chance to grow sales this BFCM season by offering your customers shareable discount codes that makes it easier and quicker to buy from you, every time.