Shopify App of the month: Searchanise

App of the month: Searchanise

Shopify offers a standard search function, so why would you need another one?

Searchanise supercharges the search function of your store, so store visitors can find exactly what they are looking for with ease. It goes beyond the limitations of Shopify’s standard search function. It is more than a search app.

Ineffective searches can lead to many lost sales. Having an effective and intuitive search function like Searchanise, helps customers instant need and increases conversion.

As a store merchant, you know your stock and online store inside out and the presumption can be taken that your customer is familiar with it too. As with a bricks-and-mortar store, customers sometimes need to ask to be pointed in the right direction. Searchanise is a multilingual app that allows unlimited searches per month and real-time product sync and indexation.



It is lightning quick and includes advanced auto filters for relevant search results and collections. You can customise it to fit your theme and it works exceptionally well on mobile. You can add keywords in your tags that customers may use to search. For example, should a product have several spellings like ‘meter v metre’, Searchanise will navigate and smart search this. Never have a ‘no results’ page appear again. With inbuilt analytics, you can learn about your customer's buying behaviour.

It’s a terrific app that’s easy to setup, with plenty of configuration options. We’ve installed Searchanise on many of our client’s online stores and it has instantly improved customer experience and conversions.

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