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5 Must have Shopify Apps for store launch

We launch, improve and manage around of 30 to 40 Shopify stores each year on the Shopify & Shopify Plus platform.  According to Shopify in 2017, successful Shopify stores have least 20 apps running and the App store currently has over 1,000 apps available. 

The range of apps is quite astounding. Some do the simple things like removing the Paypal button which awkwardly sits on the checkout page while some add to your bottom line by boosting sales. 

We've noticed over the last two to three years that were adding at least five to ten apps by default primarily to improve receipts, improving store management and add efficiencies to such logistics and fulfilment. 

The apps ecosystem with in Shopify is growing at an exorbitant rate with 1,000 apps now online on the Shopify Apps Store. Thats great but it also makes it harder for store owners choose the right ones.

Here's the apps we simply can't live without.

1. Orderly Print

Orderly Print on Shopify
OrderlyPrint helps you process your orders faster each day. You'll get easy access to print your shipping documents and share tracking info to customers. 
We rely on OrderlyPrint daily. It saves time and makes the boring operational areas of running your store so much easier. Support is stellar. Check it out here

2. Conversio

Conversio on Shopify

We found this app years ago when it was originally called Receiptful. Now Conversio is a full scale email automation tool which supercharges your outbound mails and creates beautiful receipts with built in up sells too. It pays for itself in no time. Now it includes many more features such as Receipts, Follow-Up Emails, Abandoned Cart Emails and Newsletters, Product Recommendations, Product Reviews, Feedback and Search. Check it out here.

3. Loox Reviews

Loox - Shopify Review App

Another great and clever app. If you're adding a reviews area to your site you'll need to consider this one. It promotes your customers sharing reviews by sharing a photo as well a text comment. It results in a higher uptake in reviews and Google ranks the content higher too. A must have app especially if your store is selling in the area of fashion. Take a peak here

4. Easy Tabs

EasyTabs on by Shopify

We are seeing an increasing amount of stores who need to provide additional product info for a specific range of products. You may have different delivery times for a particular collection or product set. Meet Easy Tabs. In seconds you can add a tab to the product instead of editing individually products.  Have a look here 

5. Pixc

Retail Ready Photos by Pixc

 This is possibly one of the most powerful apps in the store. It solves the single biggest issue for most store owners - how do I improve my photos? Overnight the team at Pixc will improve your product photos and make them retail ready. A must have app which solves a major problem. Worth a look here

Hope this goes someway to saving you time on choosing your next Shopify App :)