10 Best Shopify Themes For Your Online Store 2017

10 Shopify Themes For Your Online Store in 2017

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When it comes to setting up your Shopify store, the design of the site plays a significant role. Your theme choice can make or break your business and affect sales. The Shopify themes have improved significantly over the last 24 months. Clever theme choice will save you in the long run from expensive customisations and app installs.

The Shopify platform has made it easier like never before to launch an online store – you create an account, choose your store’s look, add products and you’re good to go. However, you’ve to carefully consider each step of this entire process to succeed in your endeavor. Just like selecting a product category that is too narrow or too broad, a poor looking store can turn your potential consumers off at the first glance. Shopify empowers you to develop your website from scratch by offering ready-to- use themes or templates. With more than 55 themes currently offered by the Shopify Theme Store with over 140 styles, there’s a wide range of options available for you to pick the best theme for your store. As a new online business owner, you’re perhaps eager to get the site off the ground as quickly as possible. But it’s crucial to decide on the theme that suits your site perfectly. However, while choosing your Shopify e-commerce theme, you need to consider the following features to delight your visitors and make the site stand out of the crowd. 

  • Clean, modern and easily customizable

  • Quality coding, customer support, and great reviews

  • Responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, and SEO friendly

  • In-built custom settings panel that’ll enable you to alter the theme in accordance with your preference

In this post, we’ve explored 10 best Shopify themes that’ll help you to make your Shopify theme selection task an effortless one.

How to Pick the Perfect Theme for Your Shopify Store

Almost every one of us has heard of the old adage that says “don’t judge a book by its cover” and in most scenarios, it’s a good thing to live by. However, the same doesn’t seem to be applicable when it comes to the realm of online businesses. The overall look, layout, and feel of your site jointly decide how your business is perceived. Visitors actually do judge an online store and the business by its “cover”. In fact, the layout and theme of your e-commerce store are something that offers a quick review of your product as well as your brand. Simply put, it’s the visual representation of the business and everything your product(s) and you stand for. In addition, it significantly affects the performance of your e-commerce store in terms of trustworthiness and finally, conversion rates. When selecting your Shopify theme, you need to make sure that it meets your specific requirements completely.

With the help of the filtering sidebar of the Shopify Theme Store, you can search the number of products, store layout, prices (free or paid) and preferred navigation methods, amongst others. It’s important to note that a majority of internet users consider the web design as a trust indicator of the site. If your site looks obscure, chances are your visitors will have a negative impression about your business. For instance, if your product is highly visual and unique – your theme should convey that with big images and simple navigation coupled with a clear call to action buttons. With a perfect theme, you can achieve the much- desired finesse for your e-commerce store.

Top 10 Cool Shopify Themes

1. Loft ($160)

Portraying an ideal online image for your business plays a significant role in your overall business development. Shopify’s built-in themes that are particularly designed for your industry help you to develop your very own e-commerce store with ease. The Shopify Theme Store offers you a wide variety of art or photography website templates that’ll help you to create an eye-grabbing, dynamic and user-friendly e-commerce store. With the help of Loft theme, you can: 

  • Build large catalogs

  • Promote discounts, sales, and featured products

  • Offer customers simple navigation

  • Share the latest Instagram posts

  • Showcase high-quality product imagery

  • Tell your brand and product story

Priced at $160, this theme is ideal for brands trying to concentrate on promotion.

2. Brooklyn (Free)

If you own a modern apparel store and are looking for an eye-catching, tailor-made theme, you should look no further than Brooklyn. This theme should be your best bet if your website has small menus, full-screen slideshows and more than 5 products. Key features of Brooklyn are: 

  • Header slideshow to showcase brand images or multiple products at the top of your site’s home page.

  • Tailored to present-day apparel stores with focus on the brand imagery

  • Slide-out cart to help customers add products to their cart without navigating away from the current page

  • Dynamic product grid that changes products’ layout automatically based on their number

  • Home page video to share your story by using Vimeo video or YouTube 

What’s more! You can enjoy all these impeccable features for free.

3. Parallax ($180)

If you want your e-commerce store to be uniquely designed and stand a class apart, you must check out the Parallax Shopify themes. With this theme installed, you can: 

  • Offer an unforgettable blog experience that involves social sign in and avatars

  • Provide an animated in-depth effect as the visitors scroll down your page

  • Offer consumers simple navigation to your store with the help of multi-level, drop down menu

  • Share the latest Instagram posts with your followers and customers

  • Share your story by incorporating a full-width video

  • Promote your latest discounts, sales, promotions at the top of your website’s home page

 You can get all these striking features at $180 only.

4. Supply (Free)

Supply is an easy-to- navigate, clean theme ideal for sellers with several product collections and large inventories. This theme is perfect for the merchants who’ve more than 5 products, those with over 50 products and the ones with large catalogs. Supply enables you to do the following: 

  • Empower the consumers to filter the collection pages by price, brand and other customizable options

  • Showcase all of your products with ease

  • Exhibit multiple featured collections on the homepage of your website

  • Showcase multiple brands or product images on the home page with the help of slideshow

Shopify Theme Store brings all these amazing features absolutely for free.

5. Alchemy ($150)

This stunning theme is perfect for maximizing the prospect of your products. Key features of this theme


  • Sticky navigation to keep the menus fixed at the top of the page as the visitors scroll down

  • Slideshow helps you to showcase multiple brands or product images on the home page

  • Customizable home page rows enable you to showcase blog posts, promotional content or products in your preferred order

  • You can share your story by incorporating a Vimeo or YouTube video

  • Instagram feed aids you to share the latest Instagram posts with followers and customers

  • Multi-level menu empowers you to provide the customers with simple navigation to your store

 You can have this Alchemy theme at $150 only.

6. Empire ($180)

This is an advanced theme ideal for ecommerce stores with large collections and impactful imagery. The key features are:

  • Slideshow with video to tell your story on the home page

  • Two menu options bring you the freedom to choose between a horizontal menu and a slide-out sidebar menu

  • With sticky navigation, you can keep the menus fixed at the top of the page while visitors scroll down

  • Product image zoom enables you to provide the customers with closer looks together with additional product descriptions when they hover over the images

  • Product quick view help customers to view product descriptions in a popup

  • Live search helps to display quick links and search results for store and product pages

  • Product filtering enables customers to sort products by price, best sellers and type

  • Custom promotional titles help you to promote your featured products, discounts and sales

  • With the quick buy feature, customers can add items quickly to their cart without navigating away from their current page.

Priced at $180, this Amazon-inspired theme is perfect for stores with large catalogs.

7. Showcase ($180)

This unique Shopify theme is ideal for start-up artisans, boutiques and craftspeople. If you own a comparatively smaller inventory of maximum 40 products coupled with great product photography, then Showcase should be your best bet. Noticeable features of this theme are: 

  • Multi-level menu that consists of a fashionable overlay window to offer consumers easy navigation to your store

  • You can showcase high-quality product images throughout the store

  • Sticky navigation aids you to keep the menus fixed at the top of the page as visitors scroll down

  • You can share your story by incorporating a Vimeo or YouTube video

  • Full-screen product gallery helps you to showcase the products and their photographs like never before

 This eye-catching theme comes at a price of $180 only.

8. Retina ($180)

Being the winner of Shopify Design Awards, this theme covers every aspect that you may ever need to develop a world-class ecommerce store. Retina is one of the most popular and best reviewed premium Shopify themes. With this fully-loaded theme, you can: 

  • Share the latest Instagram posts with your followers and consumers

  • Incorporate a full-width video to tell your story

  • Provide an amazing blog experience that involves social sign in and avatars

  • Display custom content and multiple menus

  • Enable consumers to add products quickly to their cart without abandoning their current page

  • Incorporate video in your site’s product or home page to tell your story

You just need to shell out $180 to get this power-packed theme.

9. Blockshop ($140)

This theme boasts of bold typography, block colors and spacious layouts coupled with minimum user interface that combines style and simplicity. If you want to maximize the clarity and boldness of your brand, you shouldn’t look any further beyond this retina-ready theme. Key features of this theme are:

Instagram feed that helps you to share the latest Instagram posts with your followers and consumers

  • Header slideshow aids you to exhibit multiple brand or product images at the top of the home page

  • Multi-column menu to provide the consumers with seamless navigation experience

  • Feature Vimeo or YouTube video on the homepage to tell your story

  • Multiple slideshows enable you to display multiple products and brand images on the home Page

 You can get this beautiful grid-style theme at $140 only.

10. Venture (Free)

Venture is a minimal yet striking theme designed for stores with large inventories and high volumes. This theme is perfect if your store has 5 or more collections, over 50 products, or large catalogues. With this them, you can:

  • Promote your latest discounts, promotions or sales at the top of the home page of your site

  • Develop large catalogues

  • Enable consumers to sort products by price, type and best sellers on your collection page

  • Exhibit product images and description in a spacious, multi-column menu

  • Promote a solo product by placing it at the front and center of the home page

  • Showcase multiple brand and product images on the home page

Shopify Theme Store brings this incredible theme to you absolutely for free.



Shopify undoubtedly comes with one of best content management systems that you can use to develop an extraordinary ecommerce store. With the presence of the manageable backend panel, it becomes a much easier task to customize the entire website with a unique theme. The Shopify Theme Store offers so many choices that it would actually be difficult not to find anything in accordance with your requirement. But again, running an e-commerce store successfully, especially in today’s competitive market, is easier said than done. Things can easily go wrong if you place your foot on the wrong place. Your website design is such an element that should be done perfectly the first time. Take a closer look at the themes we’ve discussed here to make a wise decision before you pick one that best suits your requirements.


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