Woocommerce to Shopify migration

Woocommerce to Shopify migration

How can I migrate my WooCommerce site to Shopify?


When you run an online store, doing so on the most effective platform possible is a must. You might change platforms for a few reasons, like cheaper fees or simply enjoying the interface on one platform more than another. However, some people don’t know how to migrate after initially setting up their eCommerce company. 

In this guide, you will find out how to migrate WooCommerce to Shopify effortlessly, the benefits of doing so, and how working with Shopify experts such as Milk Bottle Labs can help.

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Can I migrate WooCommerce to Shopify?

It is entirely possible to migrate WooCommerce to Shopify, but it may be best to consult a professional to ensure this is done correctly. There are plenty of tools available for someone looking to transition to Shopify, and you have many options for your route forward. These include:

  • Manually migrating without the help of any experts
  • Using a migration tool or app that automates some of the transition
  • Utilising the skills of an expert team such as Milk Bottle Labs, who migrate the site in a way that accounts for your site’s unique features

Choosing the right option gives you the right start on Shopify and means that you spend less time adapting to a new system, maximising your revenue from the very start of your Shopify experience.


How do I migrate WooCommerce to Shopify?

 There are several steps in the migration process between WooCommerce and Shopify, including:


Setting up WooCommerce API credentials


The WooCommerce API is a tool that people use to create, delete and update data. This tool can also be used to read data from an existing WooCommerce site, which you then migrate over to Shopify at a later date. Take care at this stage of the process, as having all of your site’s data in the migration means that you have less work to do manually later on in the process.


Preparing data and setting up a Shopify site


At the next stage, prepare all of your data and set up a Shopify store. This involves creating the basic structure of your site and entering your company’s core information, with contact details, the company name and the name of your administrators. By setting up the site properly, you make migrating all of the information over easier as you have a destination ready to add all of the data to.


Exporting any relevant information


When you have access to your WooCommerce data and a Shopify site ready, export all of the data from WooCommerce. This involves everything from your specific products and price points to the backend data from your site. Having all of the available data means that you have a better chance of tailoring your marketing and sales strategies to your audience, helping you to hit the ground running on a new site.


Importing products to Shopify


An eCommerce site is nothing without its products, and one of the most important stages of the migration process is to import products and data. When migrating your products, make sure that product data, descriptions, price points and images are all linked to the product. Doing this properly limits the work you need to do when assuring the quality of the website.


Consulting a professional


A WooCommerce to Shopify migration is a complex process, and can sometimes stop people from moving away from their initial WooCommerce store. If you have any difficulties or require support in the process, a professional migration expert can use their wealth of experience to migrate your store without any issues.

To leave your Shopify migration to the experts, get in touch with our team at Milk Bottle Labs here



What are the benefits of migrating WooCommerce to Shopify?


Companies benefit from migrating firstly through the greater level of usability on offer. Thanks to the Shopify app store, the Shopify platform is a far more functional system for a small business or store owner to use. It is highly flexible with a range of plugins, including SEO tools that help users to reach more customers and customer support, ensuring you get the most out of your brand-new site.

Aside from a higher level of usability, there is a clear financial benefit to using Shopify. Although WooCommerce is initially free, there are a series of hosting, domain and security fees to pay, both annually and monthly. This is more common when compared to a Shopify site, meaning that you can make more profit from your online store when you choose to migrate to a new platform rather than continuing with WooCommerce products and services.



What migration issues do I need to be aware of?


Online stores suffer from a range of migration issues, primarily coming from not having a strong enough understanding of what migration is and means. Some of the main issues, and the long-term impacts of these issues, include:


  • Forgetting external links: External links add credibility to a site, which drives traffic. Forgetting these links means a lower SEO ranking and reduced visibility to customers.
  • Poor strategy: Migration is a process you need to plan meticulously in advance. Failing to have an effective strategy means you don’t have important assets and information, slowing the migration.
  • Forgetting blog posts and articles: Blog posts and articles are a fundamental part of effective SEO, providing a lot of views for the site. Failing to bring these blog posts over harms the performance of the site on the new platform.
  • Not understanding the scale of migration: Migrating from one platform to another is a huge task, especially on large company websites. Knowing the scale of the migration enables better timescale planning and resource allocation.
  • Lacking resources: Some companies fail to allocate enough resources to migration as they think the process is simple. This makes a migration take longer and can harm the company’s revenue.

Consulting a professional Shopify expert to handle your migration can keep all of your assets and data safe. Visit us on our website here to see which Shopify services can help you.



How Milk Bottle Labs can help


Milk Bottle Labs are a Shopify partner and are experts in providing a quality Shopify migration service to a range of companies, helping to migrate customer data and implement Google analytics. If you’re interested in reliable WooCommerce to Shopify online store migration services, get in touch with the Milk Bottle Labs team today to find out more about our services and make the most of the team’s expertise.


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