Sell in person. On the go. Or in store with Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a great way of extending the reach of your online store.  Retailers use it in-store in place of the traditional till, and it's also ideal for selling at markets, trade shows, Pop-Up shops etc. 


It's super-simple to use, and will accept any of the payment methods you use with your online store.  You can take two or more payment types in any transaction (e.g. debit card + cash) or even multiple credit cards.  Gift cards can be sold either by printing a receipt or emailing them to the customer.  These can then be used online or in-store. You can even accept part-payments to allow customers reserve items for full payment at a later date.

Stock Control

Requiring no user training, simply add products to the cart, input the payment method and email or print the receipt.  Your inventory is synced and updated in real-time regardless of whether you've made the sale online, via your iPad or your phone.  You can add an unlimited number of products. You can decide whether to have the products available in-store, online or both.


If your customer requires a refund, easily issue them with credit or return the payment via the original payment method.  Offer your customers discounts - percentage or Euro amount - on individual or all order items. 

Customer Account Management

As any online merchant knows, building up your list of customer emails is essential to growing your business through direct marketing.  Customer profiles are automatically created using the POS system, so it's simple to ask for their email address and send them an emailed receipt.  And you can add their shipping address,

Shopify POS checkout

contact details or any other notes you may need.  Your customer accounts are synchronised with the Shopify POS system so you can query past orders from online or in person.

Staff accounts

Give all your staff their own unique PIN that lets you track orders, cash register activity, cash floats etc. (you'll need the Shopify Retail Package for this).

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