As Ireland's No.1 Shopify Experts, we are delighted to announce our next Official Shopify Meetup. Our event is growing so we've moved to a larger location at the wonderful Fitzwilliam Hotel on Stephens Green, at the top of Grafton Street. 

Event Details

Thursday September 21st our 6th Official Shopify Dublin Meetup!

It's a 'Merchant Special', a fun evening of networking with like minded Shopify users and fans. We have 3 business owners joining our Q & A on the night. They'll share their Shopify journey to date and be available to address and questions you may have.
Shopify Meetup #6 - 'Merchant Special'

Merchant Panel

Donagh Quigley - The Irish Handmade Soap Company
Since building Donaghs Shopify store, we have grown to love the Ireland's most adorable brand of soaps and wash products. Armed with two pots, some elbow grease and the most natural ingredients imaginable, Donagh created The Handmade Soap Company. Years later the brand has become household name worldwide by selling only natural, Irish made products.

Emma Laing - The Temple Wolf The Temple Wolf
is an online retailer of all things fashion. Set up in Autumn of 2016, according to Emma, it's result of years of scheming and dreaming :)

Donal Hanrahan -
By engaging with world class nutritionists and food scientists, Elivar has developed a range of nutritional supplements designed for endurance athletes over 35. Through a network of retailers and a Shopify store, ships worldwide. Hosted by Peter Corkery, Managing Director, Milk Bottle Labs Milk Bottle Labs are Ireland's No. 1 Rated Shopify Experts

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