With over 20 years technology experience, Keith has helped hundreds of Shopify stores expand and grow across the world.

Keith began his route to e-commerce in 1999 as domain name broker.

His first start eCommerce start up, BermyDeals, was Groupon style daily deals portal. Based in Bermuda, Bermydeals successfully launched across The Bahamas & Trinidad & Tobago.

Following a successful exit Keith began building Shopify stores in 2012. Shopify Expert accreditation followed in 2013 - Milk Bottle Labs was officially born.

The decision made in 2013 to solely focus on Shopify & Shopify Plus has be a rewarding one as Shopify has surpassed over 1.7 million stores worldwide.

Keith's love of travel and various sales & marketing roles with blue chip organisations (O2, Telefonica, Digicel) have brought him to some beautiful parts of the world including Bermuda, Haiti, The Bahamas, Melbourne, Sydney & New York. 

A graduate of University College Dublin & Dublin City University (Digital Marketing)', Keith is also an accredited web development professional and digital marketer.

klaviyo email marketing in ireland

Klaviyo is the best email marketing platform for your Shopify eCommerce store.
We've used them all. Klaviyo is easy to use once set up, has wonderful support and most of all - it will make your Shopify store more money!

Your email marketing strategy is core to your online success and we recommend the Klaviyo email marketing platform. Klaviyo's advanced personalisation techniques can help take your Shopify ecommerce business grow to the next level!

Our team of Klaviyo experts can help you leverage the power of Klaviyo's to achieve your email marketing goals goals, whether it's creating targeted campaigns, improving existing email marketing, or boosting overall sales.

Segmentation by Klaviyo

Elevate your email marketing game by utilizing Klaviyo's segmentation tools. With Klaviyo, you can divide your email contact list into focused audiences, or segments, that allow you to send targeted and relevant messages to the right people, which can drive sales and increase engagement.

Klaviyo's segmentation capabilities are highly flexible, enabling you to build segments based on any customer data you have available, including factors like purchase history, browsing behavior, demographics, and more. By leveraging this data, you can create highly tailored campaigns that address each customer's unique needs and interests, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

email automation

Klaviyo's built-in Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a game-changer in gathering and analyzing customer data from multiple sources. This tool enables you to create sophisticated workflows that move customers through the sales funnel and drive sales.

By leveraging Klaviyo's CDP, you can create highly personalized campaigns that cater to each customer's interests and behavior. The platform's automation features allow you to trigger workflows that engage customers at every touchpoint, from their first website visit to their post-purchase experience. This creates a seamless and organic customer journey, increasing the likelihood of repeat sales and customer loyalty.

Klaviyo Integrations

By gathering real-time and historical data from your ecommerce platform and tech stack into Klaviyo's customer data platform, you gain a deeper understanding of your customers. This enables you to create segments, develop campaigns, and initiate automations that boost revenue and retention.

Klaviyo enhances your ecommerce platform by offering:

  • Over 300 pre-built integrations
  • A comprehensive template library with robust pre-built automations
  • Excellent support

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