Email Automation by Milk Bottle Labs

Email remains one of the most scalable, affordable marketing channels. And yet, it's the most under utilised.

Milk Bottle labs can assist in super charging your email automations by creating planned and carefully executed automations and drip campaigns delivered to your base in a planned and logical way. Our marketing team will set it up on your Shopify Store.

Each Shopify store comes with easy access to some great email marketing tools such as Mailchimp. Store owners can easily link Mailchimp to their store and begin to utilise the power of email from day 1. Store owners can collect new users through simple sign up forms and automated collection of email addresses once a purchase occurs. 

In reality, very few store owner correctly execute one of the cheapest forms of customer acquisition - automated email marketing. Our marketing team will set it up on your Shopify Store.

An affordable marketing channel. And measurable too. 

In some cases, the ROI on email can be up to 1,000% for a properly thought out campaign making it an extremely affordable sales channel. Email is also the the one common digital asset that all Shopify store owners have. 

Using email to drive sales and boost annual revenue make perfect sense. Once correctly set up, it runs in the background as you focus on managing your store. It's instantly measurable and the ROI automatically calculated. 

Email Automation by Mailchimp

ROI on email can be up to 1,000%
Milk Bottle Labs can help you increase sales by using feeds from Shopify to automatically email your base with offers, abandoned cart reminders and bespoke product up sells.

While novice store owners run to social media and PPC to build their audience, investment in email a wiser decision.

Mailchimp Automations by Milk Bottle Labs
Our capabilities
We'll setup automated process flows that trigger outbound emails depending on a customers activity emails. A sample of the potential automated email flows are below:
  • Abandoned Carts: Communicate with user after they've left their cart behind. New
  • Subscriber Award: Share a thank you with newly subscribed newsletter member. New
  • Customer Thank you: Let's communicate with first time customers. Let's turn a once off customer to a loyal fan of your online store.
  • Cross Sell/Upsell: Remind loyal customers of your full product range. Sold a shoes to a client? Maybe they'd like sock in a months time :)

    *Minimum email database sizes apply.