Episode #65: From Italy to Ireland with Matteo Grassi of Popup.store


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What's in Episode 65?

Here is something interesting; a new commerce platform called Popup. We chat to Co-founder Matteo Grassi who has had quite the journey! Bringing all his experience from being a Shopify Merchant Success Manager, to spending time in an Indian Ashram and then touring as a musician around Europe. He has co-founded numerous DTC brands under the umbrella of Viceroy Group. With his wealth of experience and business partners, Popup was born from the ambitious bunch. We find out more about the only no-code ecommerce platform that enables merchants to visually build and control customer journeys while managing multiple online Popup Stores from one admin in numerous languages and currencies.

Matteo is also involved with a charity helping those in Ukraine called Commerce4good.  He chats more about how he is using his supply chain and commerce to help Ukraine. 

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Episode Notes
  • Introduction
  • A rich tapestry of what Matteo did prior to Popup
  • Dancing in Broadway
  • Travel Southeast Asia and Australia (Sydney or Melbourne?)
  • Taking pause to mediate in an Indian Ashram
  • Moving off the beaten path to appreciate what is close
  • Talking about being one of the first Shopify Plus team, which is where he met his business partner
  • Getting a deeper understanding of ecommerce from merchants
  • How to run a successful remote company
  • Creating a company as a sport team and a family
  • Creating new brands
  • How getting from 0-1 is the hardest part.
  • The Kardashians
  • How to measure the level of success of running a business
  • Popup store > the no code commerce platform
  • How Shopify scaled > Toby's vision
  • What type of customer are you after?
  • Is migration the biggest pain point for Shopify?
  • How popup can add value to your current online store with native ads
  • Why no technical experience is needed
  • Using customer feedback from A/B testing
  • commerce4good Ukraine charity Commerce4good