Shopify Plus Checkout: A Guide to Checkout Extensibility

Say Goodbye to checkout.liquid in Shopify Checkout

For Shopify Plus merchants, customizing the checkout experience traditionally required editing the checkout.liquid file for checkout pages. This process was often complex and costly, necessitating developer assistance and limiting the ability to create a unique checkout flow. Recognizing these challenges, Shopify announced the deprecation of checkout.liquid for certain pages in 2024.

Embrace the Future: Benefits and Timeline of Checkout UI Extensions

To replace checkout.liquid and enable smoother customization, Shopify introduced Checkout Extensibility in 2023. Set to take full effect in August 2024, this upgrade offers numerous benefits for Plus merchants:

  • Increased Conversion Rates: Studies suggest a potential 1% average increase in conversions by creating a more streamlined and user-friendly checkout. Merchants and developers can customize the checkout process using the checkout editor in the Shopify admin.

  • More Flexibility: Checkout Extensibility unlocks features like one-page checkout and stackable discounts, allowing for tailored checkout processes on the checkout page.

  • Upgrade-Safe: New features become available automatically without the need for manual updates, ensuring your checkout stays current.

  • Enhanced Security: UI components and APIs run in a secure, sandboxed environment, protecting your store and customer data.

  • Better Customer Experience: Improved order status pages and thank you messages enhance the post-purchase experience and build trust.

  • Stronger Brand Identity: Seamlessly integrate your brand with customizable logos, colors, fonts, and special offers directly within the checkout flow.

  • Reduced Cart Abandonment: Checkout Extensibility allows for the easy addition of trust symbols and preferred payment options, minimizing cart abandonment. Merchants can use the Shopify admin to manage these new features effectively.

Power of Checkout Extensibility

Checkout Extensibility offers a robust set of features to unlock a truly customized checkout experience:
  • Checkout Branding: Create a cohesive brand experience by customizing colors, fonts, logos, and backgrounds to match your store’s aesthetic. Checkout UI extensions can add custom elements to enhance this experience.
  • Checkout Extensions: Customize Shopify checkout by adding custom elements like contact modules and upsell widgets to cater to specific needs and boost sales.
  • Integrated Analytics: Gain valuable customer data insights directly within Shopify, eliminating the need for third-party scripts. The Shopify App Store can be used to find apps for further customization.
  • Shopify Functions: Extend or replace existing functionalities like discounts, payment options, and order fulfillment logic for a truly unique checkout experience.

How to Prepare for Checkout Customizations

  • A smooth transition to Checkout Extensibility requires some preparation:
  • Review Customizations: Identify existing checkout customizations and plan how to replicate them using the new tools. Consider the importance of guest checkout in reducing cart abandonment.
  • Define Scope: Assess which parts of your online store's checkout experience will be affected by the switch.
  • Build & Test: Start building and testing your new checkout flow using Checkout Extensibility’s features. Pay special attention to customizing the collection of payment details to enhance the overall shopping experience.
  • Deploy & Optimize: Once satisfied with your new checkout, deploy it and analyze customer behavior to further optimize the experience.