Shopify Payments arrives in Ireland

Good news !!!!! We love Shopify and we have more good reason to today. Shopify payments is officially available to Irish store owners. That means cheaper monthly fees and more margin.
We logged into our store and were greeted with the option to 'add Shopify payments'. Within seconds we had cheaper payment gateway charges added to our own store. By 5 pm we added Shopify payments to another 25 client stores.

So what does Shopify payments mean?

    1. Faster payouts/settlements
      Get your money settled into your bank accounts within 4 business days
    2. Low credit card rates
      Depending on your Shopify plan, enjoy a card rate of as low as 1.60% + €0.25 excluding VAT with no hidden charges or extra fees.
    3. Orders and payments in one place.
      Your payment details are synced with your orders, so you can see what you've been paid without leaving Shopify.
    4. Recover lost sales from chargebacks.
      Respond to chargebacks with just one click. Shopify generates automatic, customized chargeback responses for you.

So don't delay, log in now and save on transaction fees by using Shopify Payments.