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Shopify App of the month: Multi-Currency by Bold

There are thousands of apps available in the Shopify App store. Choosing the right app at the right price is a difficult one. In this monthly series we will reveal the apps that we love best. Many of these apps are free. Ultimately these apps will help you sell more and create a better customer experience on your Shopify store..

Let's talk about the Multi-Currency App from Bold - the longest-serving app developers in the Shopify for ecosystem have apps installed in hundreds of thousands of stores.

If you're trying to internationalise your store and take payments from multiple locations across multiple currencies you should consider the free Multi Currency app from Bold. Here's why we like it:

  • This app allows store customers select the currency based on the customers location and allows auto currency switching based on the customer location
  • It's 100% free
  • It offers a manual override of exchange rates allowing merchants to show Vanity pricing. What is this mean? As a store owner you can make sure that even converted pricing can be rounded or ending $0.99 if you wish
  • It's easy to install
  • It looks visually attractive no matter what theme you use it
  • It even allows you to add a percentage to a fixed amount to your rates to cover transaction and exchange fees
  • It's free and the support from the team at Bold is super. 

We like Multi-Currency is because it can be stacked or used with multiple other Bold apps and we'll talk about them again in the future. 

If you need a currency convertor, this one is well worth installing. 

Keith at Milk Bottle Labs