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4 eCommerce Blogs worth reading in 2018

by Keith Matthews April 17, 2018

4 eCommerce Blogs worth reading in 2018

The world of e-Commerce is ever changing. New sales channels, digital techniques, social media and platform changes are hard to keep up with. We love the content produced in house by the Shopify team. It's wonderfully curated content is easy to digest and a necessity if you are selling online.

Aside from the Shopify blog others exist so we've curated our Top 4 e-Commerce Blogs. Why 4? Well, we could list 20 but would you have time to read them? I think not !!!!
here are blogs we read....

1. Shopify blog

OK so we're biased! To truly understand the power of the Shopify platform and community, you need to read this! Regarded by many as the finest curated e-Commerce content on the planet, the Shopify blog is also very relevant to non-Shopify users. 

Why it's worth reading:  It's clear the content team thought into what they share, create and deliver. The content is not a sales tool designed to sell the platform. In fact, much of the content is platform agnostic and relevant to any entrepreneur selling or planning to sell online.

5 eCommerce Blogs worth reading in 2018 - Shopify 

2. eCommerceFuel – Build a Store, Change Your Life

We've been a fan of eCommerce fuel for years. It's a blog and podcast for serious online entrepreneurs. It's run by Andrew Youderian a former investment banker and successful online store owner.

Why it's worth reading:
What is clear when you read and listen to Andrews content is that it's run by an experienced online business owner who fully understands the challenges growing an e-Commerce business. There is no better source of advice than from those who have experienced the challenges of selling online.

eCommercefuel on MIlk Bottle Labs

3. A Better Lemonade Stand 

This blog is packed with e-Commerce articles, case studies, tip, recommendations and genuine product reviews.

Why it's worth reading:
 With 40,000 entrepreneurs already receiving exclusive content, the numbers speak for themselves. It's more than a blog and includes access to money making tool and money-saving tools too. We love the way you can filter content based on your business stage - build, launch & grow.

A Better Lemonade Stand on Milk Bottle Labs

4. Buffer Blog

We all know Buffer as a social media management platform. But, just like Shopify, there much more to it than a platform. Given that some of the largest brands worldwide use Buffer, it natural that they should have insight and the ability to provide free advice on social media management for your e-Commerce store.

Why it's worth reading: 
Social selling has become a serious e-Commerce channel and one which mature online stores are now taking seriously. Worth a read. 

Buffer Blog on Milk Bottle Labs

So there it is - our favourite e-Commerce blogs. Hope you enjoy !


Keith Matthews
Keith Matthews

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