Feb 15th 2018 - Shopify Meetup Dublin #8

On May 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation significantly changes data protection law in Europe. New rules will be imposed on all bodies that offer goods or services to EU citizens. That includes government bodies, commercial organisations and non profits. 

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Shopify Masterclass Level 1 - Start Selling

Shopify is the fastest growing eCommerce platform worldwide - currently over 700,000 stores sell online using Shopify every hour of every day.  If you want to run your own Shopify store but don’t know how to get started, then this course is for you!  Join the Shopify Experts...

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Shopify Masterclass Level 2 - Sell More

There are thousands of entrepreneurs selling with Shopify in Ireland.  If you’ve already got a Shopify store but want to do more to improve it then this masterclass is ideal for you.  We’ll show you how to improve your store across a number of essential areas such as...

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April 12th 2018 - Shopify Meetup Athlone #1

Network and catch up with like minded Shopify users, developers and fellow e-Commerce entrepreneurs from around Ireland in a fun, informal venue. 

Kit App - Your Shopify virtual assistant
Speaker - Enda Regan - Kit Guru

Kit is a virtual employee for your Shopify store. Kit helps drive...

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