Klaviyo new features: custom reports and segments with apple iOS15

Klaviyo new features: custom reports and segments with apple iOS15

Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing tool used alongside the eCommerce platform Shopify. It's a great way for store owners to stay in touch with their customers and attract more clientele through marketing automation. It has helped businesses across the globe earn billions in revenue, and it is constantly evolving to provide shop owners and customers alike with a better user experience. Klaviyo recently underwent some important feature upgrades, but how do they benefit you?

In this guide, we will explore the new and improved features for 2022, the benefits of custom reports and how the iOS15 changes will affect your Klaviyo experience.

In this guide:

  • What are the main Klaviyo features for 2022?
  • What are custom reports?
  • What are the iOS15 changes, and how do they affect Klaviyo?
  • Shopify and Klaviyo made simple with Milk Bottle Labs

  • What are the main Klaviyo features for 2022?

    Last month, Klaviyo announced a few product updates to improve user experience and communication. They pride themselves on making their new services more flexible and accessible, with updates that allow shop owners to connect with each customer. Some elements are aimed at retention, such as:

    Cross channel communication

    Klaviyo set out to optimise cross channel communication across email, SMS marketing and other forms. The main goal is to give Klaviyo customers more control over their brand voice. The return of investment (ROI) for brands combining their communication channels has improved greatly, with an average of 122x ROI.

    The four new cross channel commercial features are:

    • Form teasers
    • Profile merging
    • Klaviyo-hosted terms of service for mobile
    • Two-way SMS conversations with Zendesk

    These new features will allow you to build a lasting impression and relationship with your customers, building your brand recognisability and improving revenue.

    An improved "learning" section

    Klaviyo carefully monitors how your customers interact with your outreach and marketing, and aims to change according to the feedback it receives. This "learning" section can help you adjust your marketing techniques; the Klaviyo team has generated a new performance dashboard to help make things more comprehensible. This new feature puts all of your data in a simplified viewing format, so you can spend more time working on new campaigns.

    API extensibility

    Klaviyo announced their goal to allow each customer to own their data by implementing more extensible tools. They hoped to achieve this by introducing webhook flow actions and a developer portal. You can read more about Klaviyo's key features on our website here.

    Subject line assistant

    If you're struggling to come up with attention-grabbing subject lines for your emails, Klaviyo can help you out. The new subject line assistant can generate subject lines based on your brand and goals, as well as providing historical performance data and the best practices for the perfect subject line.

    Guided warming

    Deliverability and sender reputation are incredibly important for any business implementing email marketing. Klaviyo guided warming can help you build sender reputation, as well as maintain deliverability and reach the right audience. It will also monitor recipients who are more engaged with your content and those that aren't. It will alert you to disengaged recipients and automatically remove them from future campaigns.


    This feature allows marketers to measure your popup submit or signup form submission rate against your competitors. Factors that are considered include monthly revenue, growth and average item value.


    Klaviyo's new integrations include:

    • ShipBob - you can now share order updates with your customers
    • Friendbuy - you can now build your email and SMS lists with referrals
    • Shopware - use Klaviyo to grow your online business

    You can find out more about all of these updates by getting in touch with our Klaviyo experts today.

    What are custom reports?

    Being able to analyse statistics about your business's online performance can be a great tool to have as a business owner. Each month, you can track revenue and the success rate of your email or SMS campaign. Custom reports allow you to access this data easily and identify where changes need to be made.

    With Klaviyo's custom reports feature, you can check your metrics and benchmarks easily. First of all, you should plan which information you wish to find out, such as which products are bought and returned most often, what the best-selling product collections are, and how changing seasons affect sales. You can then start to gather data that helps you change and adapt your business effectively. To access custom analytics, click on the Analytics tab, then select Create Custom reports.

    You can implement reports such as single metric deep-dive reports, campaign performance reports and flow performance reports. You then have the ability to act upon what you find, creating and testing new campaigns to help improve revenue. You can find out more about creating custom reports here.

    What are the iOS15 changes, and how do they affect Klaviyo?

    Apple are constantly changing their phone models and software to offer users a better experience, including extra security and bug fixes. IOS15 was launched last year, and features include text recognition in images, added privacy and ID cards in your Wallet app. But how do these changes affect Klaviyo?

    Turning off open tracking, hiding email addresses and blocking IP addresses are just some of the features that affect email marketers. Klaviyo has introduced audience segmentation to help marketers see whether their opens came from Apple's privacy protection feature. They have also introduced revenue attribution to account for users who convert via another channel or organically.

    Using the custom reports tool, Klaviyo users can now add Apple privacy opens as optional metrics, so you can track how many Apple privacy opens are occurring in each email campaign.

    Shopify and Klaviyo made simple with Milk Bottle Labs

    As the experts in all things Shopify and Klaviyo, we can help you navigate and understand the various changes on the platforms. From Klaviyo's own upgraded features to external alterations, we can help build your brand and keep your business running smoothly. We've helped various businesses start their online journey, providing invaluable advice to help set their email marketing campaigns in the right direction with Kalviyo.

    To get started, get in contact with our experts today.