Klaviyo major updates: Meet Klaviyo One

Klaviyo major updates: Meet Klaviyo One

Klaviyo is an automated marketing tool that is designed to help business owners reach their customers primarily with email and SMS campaigns with enhanced analytics for specified marketing. It uses and displays data for real-time understanding of customer figures and performance statistics, which is why it is often integrated with the use of Shopify for eCommerce sites. This is especially relevant now with Shopify and Klaviyo's new partnership, which will make integrating the two even easier with enhanced features. 

In this article, we will guide you through the Klaviyo One update, Klaviyo's new powerful enterprise-grade platform that acts as a tier-up from Klaviyo. We will outline its key features and benefits before discussing the other latest updates that have recently been rolled out for Klaviyo in July 2022 and what these mean for businesses. 

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  • What is Klaviyo One?
  • What are the main features of Klaviyo One?
  • How can Klaviyo One benefit my business?
  • What other Klaviyo updates should I be aware of?
  • How Milk Bottle Labs can help

  • What is Klaviyo One? 

    In June this year, Klaviyo introduced a new platform called Klaviyo One, which has been built specifically for larger brands to extend the current capabilities of Klaviyo. It has features for improved working relationships with the experts at Klaviyo and more collaboration between internal stakeholders. 

    It has been created with GDPR and CCPA compliance in mind at all times, meaning it can help large businesses that deal with lots of customers and data that need to maximise their marketing reach, without the concern of breaching regulations. It is designed to streamline the SMS and email marketing process for organisations that intend to better understand their performance analytics and act on them. 

    What are the main features of Klaviyo One?

    One of the main features of Klaviyo One is that it will allow the Klaviyo team to work closely with you and build a more comprehensive customer data platform (CDP) using both your historical and real-time data. This will then be used to decide how your data can be best used for automation, reporting and overall marketing strategy. 

    This data will also be used for advanced segmentation that can scale with your business. The code-free segment builder means that your marketing team can easily group your audience based on any criteria and look at this against other data. This could include discount code usage, predicted customer lifetime value or specific purchases. These update in real-time so they are consistently up to date and offer the most optimum way to act on data, with an unlimited number of attributes. These custom segments power email and SMS automation that deliver information to the specific customers that you want to reach. 

    Because Klaviyo One is designed to work with huge amounts of data, Klaviyo has worked hard to ensure that you and your customers' data will remain completely safe and compliant. As we have already mentioned, they ensure the data is kept GDPR and CCPA compliant at all times through a comprehensive security testing system that ensures no breaches can occur. 

    Klaviyo One also has built-in safeguards that check for all guidelines on marketing content, such as unsubscribe links and adherence to SMS quiet hours. It is also capable of creating customizable smart send times which stop your subscribers from getting too many messages at once. All of this is designed to protect your brand's data as well as its credibility and reputation. 

    To find out more about Klaviyo One and how it can help your business, you can get in contact with our Shopify experts today

    How can Klaviyo One benefit my business?

    So, how can you make use of all these brand-new features and how do they benefit you? With a detailed and easy-to-access and understand CPD, Klaviyo One will allow you to view this and drive more revenue by using the most relevant, crunched data. Plus, with more than 230 integrations readily available, your data can be integrated with any stack on custom platforms and managed in one place. 

    By streamlining the way that you understand analytics, you can then press forward with marketing campaigns that target the subscribers in specific ways, rather than through generic messages that do not achieve what you want. In real figures, Klaviyo One is projected to multiply the average Return on Investment by 280. 

    In addition, your business will benefit from the advanced level of protection that Klaviyo One offers. With automated compliance assurance, you can relax knowing that you will not run into issues and put the focus on creating impressive campaigns that achieve more. 

    Klaviyo is a great way to target your customers with information and promotion that they will appreciate, but first, you will need a successful Shopify store to support it. You can take a look at our previous work here

    What other Klaviyo updates should I be aware of?

    There are other updates coming to the original version of Klaviyo that you should be aware of, whether you currently use Klaviyo or are considering it. The most significant of these is perhaps the added ability to include unique coupons in sign-up forms so that new customers are encouraged to make a purchase without these codes appearing on coupon clipping sites. 

    There are also new integrations that have been made possible, including with Sezzle, Rebuy and Supermetrics, the latter of which allows you to automatically move your data to reporting, analytics or storage platforms and make better-informed decisions. 

    How Milk Bottle Labs can help

    Although Shopify and Klaviyo are designed to make eCommerce and marketing easier, it can be daunting to try and get to grips with them, especially in the wake of these advanced updates. Milk Bottle Labs can help any business with Klaviyo integration and maximise their Shopify and Klaviyo systems, no matter the size of the organisation. They have a dedicated Klaviyo team to help clients get the most out of the platform and can help you to understand the new updates, as well as how to make the most of the features available to you.

    Whether you use both a Shopify and Klaviyo account or just use Shopify alone, Milk Bottle Labs can assist with every aspect of it, including advice on whether a move to Shopify Plus is best for you. 

    Get in contact with Milk Bottle today by filling in our online form for a call-back and our friendly team will be happy to find out how they can best help you.