Explore Shopify Summer '23 Edition: The Latest Platform Updates and Changes

Explore Shopify Summer '23 Edition: The Latest Platform Updates and Changes

As an official Shopify expert in Ireland, we're excited to unpack the latest Shopify platform updates recently announced inside the Summer '23 Edition. Shopify is always innovating, and this year's edition is no exception. With more than 100 updates, merchants will be able to be more productive, creative, and powerful than ever before.

From seamless product synchronization to cutting-edge AI-driven enhancements, get ready to explore a whole new world of possibilities with Shopify’s summer 23 edition. This does come with a health warning though, many of these updates are not yet launched and dependent on where your store is located and what price plan you are on.

Short Summary
  • Discover the amazing features of Shopify Marketplace Connect and new apps like Subscriptions & Bundles!
  • Experience AI-driven enhancements with Shopify Magic & Sidekick, plus Theme Flex Sections for drag & drop editing.
  • 17 new APIs and updates are being made available to Shopify Plus customers making it possible to create exciting checkout experiences.

Shopify Marketplace Connect: A Comprehensive Overview

Say hello to Shopify Marketplace Connect, the app that will change the way you sell on the biggest Shopify Markets like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart! No more juggling between platforms, Shopify Marketplace Connect lets you connect, manage, and fulfill every order directly from within Shopify, thanks to the seamless integration with the Shopify subscriptions app.

Shopify Marketplace Connect

But that’s not all! Shopify Marketplace Connect also boasts advanced features to help you grow your B2B businesses, such as volume pricing and company account requests, while onboarding well-known global brands to B2B on Shopify. This app is the ultimate solution for merchants aiming to expand their reach, boost sales, and manage their online business effortlessly.

Exciting New Apps: Subscriptions and Bundles

Let’s dive into two breathtaking new apps that will elevate your online store experience: Shopify Subscriptions and Shopify Bundles. With the Shopify Subscriptions app, your customers can now cancel, pause, and update payment details directly in their customer account. Say goodbye to the days of endless back-and-forth emails and customer dissatisfaction.

Bundles by Shopify

Shopify have always struggled with bundles. The new Bundles app, on the other hand, is a free app created specifically for you, the store owner, to offer product bundling. This means more attractive offers for your customers and increased revenue for your business. It’s a win-win situation!

Embrace the power of Subscriptions and Bundles and watch your online store transform into a revenue-generating machine. Remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to enhancing your customer experience and boosting your bottom line.

New checkout extensions for your unique business needs

17 new APIs and updates are being made available to Shopify Plus customers. This makes it possible for partners and developers to create exciting checkout experiences with apps, and conveniently manage them all in the checkout editor.

Yes, Shopify Checkout has a higher conversion rate compared to other leading ecommerce platforms. On average, it is 15% more than the competitors. And the best part is that it’s all accessible through the Shop app.

AI-Driven Enhancements: Shopify Magic and Sidekick

Shopify say the future is here and it's in the form of Shopify Magic and Sidekick! These AI-driven enhancements are designed to help store owners run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Shopify Magic is an innovative suite of AI-enabled features integrated across the platform, specifically designed for commerce.

In the world of customer service, Shopify Magic suggests personalized instant answers for your Shopify Inbox chat, generated based on previous chats, store policies, and data to help drive sales. The latest AI technology has been integrated with the platform’s data to enable businesses to increase their efficiency. This combination helps millions of companies operate faster, smarter, and more innovatively.

Sidekick, the AI-enabled commerce assistant, gives you superpowers on Shopify. It can help you with tasks such as:
  • Jumpstarting the creative process
  • Improving store quality
  • Increasing productivity
  • Streamlining workflows
  • Making smarter business decisions

With Sidekick by your side, these tasks become a piece of cake, depending on your settings.

And that’s not all! The Shopify Help Center now has a new AI-driven assistant that helps you find the information you need and get back to running your business quickly, all while protecting against spam, fraud, and abuse. Say hello to the future of ecommerce with Shopify Magic and Sidekick!

Theme Flex Sections: Revolutionizing Drag & Drop Editing

Unleash your creativity with Theme Flex Sections, a feature that revolutionizes drag & drop editing, allowing for greater customization and flexibility in designing storefronts, including the use of custom fonts. The theme editor now has a drop-down menu, giving you the option to adjust the page/element/block to a certain market or B2B segment. Moreover, extra data can be added too, making it easier for users to search and find what they need. Get ready for the summer 23 edition of Theme Flex Sections, offering even more possibilities for your online store.
What’s more, announced in Shopify’s Summer 23 Edition, Shopify Magic in the Online Store editor allows users to generate descriptions in seconds, now supported in 8 languages and on mobile, making it perfect for creating engaging ads.
Theme Flex Sections: Revolutionizing Drag & Drop Editing

Transform your online store’s design and captivate your customers with Theme Flex Sections!

Managing Money with Shopify Balance

Managing your finances can be a breeze with Shopify Balance! This fantastic feature allows users to effortlessly manage their finances by:
  • Offering new payment options
  • Providing powerful analytics
  • Providing amazing cross-border payment support
  • Integrating with various services
Shopify offers a range of financial tools, including:
  • Payment support
  • Spending tools
  • Borrowing tools
  • Banking tools
All of these tools are designed to help businesses ship directly to their customers. Enterprise businesses can also provide customers with a secure method to store payment methods. These settings can be configured according to the customer’s individual requirements. Additionally, new analytics and custom rules enable us to analyze the risk of fraud more effectively. This helps automate prevention and safeguard our systems.
Introducing Shopify Credit, a business credit card designed exclusively for Shopify merchants, built in partnership with Stripe and accepted everywhere Visa is. Shopify Credit users are rewarded with up to 3% cashback on eligible purchases, with a super easy application process and zero fees. It’s the ultimate financial tool for your online business!

Everyday Operations: Improved Admin Performance and Analytics

Enhance your everyday operations with improved admin performance, customizable analytics, and actionable data. By choosing to use cookies and data, it becomes easier to manage and grow your business with engagement and site statistics.
Some new features include:
  • Customizable analytics dashboard
  • Cohort analysis report filtering
  • Compliance for the California Consumer Privacy Act in the Shopify Privacy & Compliance app
  • Admin UI extensions for app integration into the built-in pages of the Shopify admin
These updates offer even more possibilities for customization and improved functionality, providing additional information for users to make the most out of the new features. Unlock the full potential of your online business with these fantastic improvements to everyday operations. With Shopify by your side, managing and growing your business has never been easier!


In summary, the Shopify Summer 23 Edition has brought about a plethora of exciting updates and changes designed to revolutionize your online business. From Shopify Marketplace Connect to AI-driven enhancements like Shopify Magic and Sidekick, the future of ecommerce is here. Embrace these innovations and watch your online store flourish. The possibilities are endless, so take the leap and experience the power of Shopify today!