Kerrigans Craft Butchers

Services delivered

Migration to Shopify
Consolidated seasonal and regional stores
Bespoke Store Design
Customised collections and filters
Email automation setup

Matching their unique in-store experience for over 40 years

As a family run craft butchers, Kerrigans are known for their innovative freshly prepared bundles and customised offerings which needed to be offered in the new online store.

They were running seven different stores on WooCommerce. Huge complexity in managing the stores, along with very slow sites and maintaining the stores had become really troublesome. Added to this was a fast growing mobile visitor base which required a better experience.

A custom integration was required between the Shopify platform and their bespoke production and IT systems.

Customised design & Filters

We consolidated the different seasonal and regional stores into one easy to manage Shopify store with a unique visual design and a range of customised product offerings.

Truly Omnichannel

Advanced bundles and a unique product selector for their best-selling Meatzza allows Kerrigans to merchandise their online store much like they have provided a unique in-store experience for over 40 years.

A fast, fully-functional store experience

Managed from one place

With a combination of customised Shopify front-end design and taking advantage of a range of top-tier Shopify apps such as Klaviyo, Smile, Gorgias, Zapiet, and enriched on-site search and discovery, we’ve been able to deliver a fast, fully-functional store experience that’s easily managed by the team in Kerrigans via desktop or mobile devices.

Since migration to Shopify from WooCommerce revenues are up by 39% and transactions have increased by 28%.

Page speed has increased by 39% and mobile users now account for 78% of all visitors.

Podcast #40


In this episode, Keith chats to Barry Kerrigan, a Shopify merchant. Kerrigans is a family-run craft butcher with several bricks and mortar stores in Ireland. An early innovator of fresh online delivery, Barry talks about the opportunities presented by having an online store that compliments their walk-in shops.

Shopify apps used